I can make a difference! The power of purpose and my next new & exciting challenge ahead. #wepromisetocare


There is nothing more powerful than purpose. You know we all do this work thing, we all need to earn to live and we all (mostly) have heaps of ambition to achieve the best we can in our careers.

I have been really lucky in that for the past year I have been running my own show, working for myself and consulting to some really awesome companies. Well now thats all about to change!

I have loved consulting, but it lacks many aspects for me. It lacks the true sense of team. You do the work, you invoice – you move on. It lacks for me a sense of development. You do the work (mostly work you have done somewhere else), you invoice – you move on. It lacks for me an overall sense of long term purpose.

One of my amazing customers I did some work with rekindled my sense of purpose. They excited me and installed in me a huge “Why” would I want to stick around with them – long term. This Company is called The Ultimate Care Group.

The Ultimate Care Group provides Aged Care and Residential support across New Zealand. I met some inspirational employees during my consulting time with them. Their sense of purpose was so powerful, far beyond any I have seen before. They make an enormous difference every day to the lives of their residents and the elderly that they care for. In this business, work becomes an occupation that enters into “customers” homes. How much more up close and personal can you get than that?

But perhaps another real drive for me is the fact that this job, and working with the elderly, is a privilege. Working with people at the twilight of their lives is a real honour. I feel proud to be joining a business and a team of committed people who will be doing everything they can to deliver exceptional care to all of our residents.

So folks, I am really excited and really honoured to be taking up the role of National HR Manager with Ultimate Care NZ. This is going to be an amazing step for me. One where I can help the rest of the UCG team to make a huge difference! Its also a nice step aside from the singular focus on recruiting that my career has been predominantly focussed upon to date. It will be great to practice the full suite of HR skills on a daily basis to help UCG staff and managers be the best that they can be.

So there’s my purpose – I can and will make a huge difference. Already that has got me bouncing out of bed every morning! I am super excited.

I have loved working in the consulting world and want to make a massive shout out to my former business partner and buddy Mark Sumner. Its been a blast working on projects with you! Also thanks to each and everyone of my customers who gave me a go the past 12 months. One really amazing company I want to specifically call out is National Personnel – such an awesome, entrepreneurial and innovative outfit! If you don’t know them, you should – check them out!

We can all make a huge difference in the people game – we all have a huge purpose and part to play. I am chomping at the bit to start my next career journey! I just hope you have the same sense of purpose with what you are doing…

UCG_ cover photo

The Ultimate Care Group has got a tag line that absolutely sums up what the organisation is all about


Care about your career and care about how you can make a difference!

And, of course, Go Wales #RWC2015…


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