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Here’s some exciting news to share. When Mark Sumner and I launched #Getin Ltd, we wanted to do things very differently. We wanted to create a successful and fun business – but more importantly we wanted to create a legacy.

A legacy in terms of being innovative, different, and having a go at what we do – trying what others wouldn’t  – to enable great outcomes for our customers. Yep that’s one legacy we want.

But we also wanted to start as we mean to go on and use the power of social media, digital and the business eco-system and community to help others.



So I came up with the #Getin for The Cancer Society campaign.

Many of us (me included) have had families and friends impacted by this hideous disease. It it unfortunately so common that it has touched the hearts of us all in some way shape or form. Let me tell you a little story…


When my son was born we did what many new parents do. We met some awesome new friends through ante-natal groups. These are friends that we now regard as lifelong buddies and friends who we have shared watching our kids grow up with.

One couple, one set of very close friends, have a daughter. She is a beautiful cheerful little girl. Full of cheekiness and fun and a really good little buddy to my two rug rats, born within days of my son.

One fateful day, when the family had just come back from a holiday to Europe, this beautiful little girl, her family and everyone who knows her had their lives changed for ever. She was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Now I am not going to tell you all the bad stuff. I am not going to rejuvenate memories of the horrendous struggle that amazing little girl and family went through. Rather I want to share with you the outcome. And this is where our campaign links so strongly with our fist pumping #Getin brand itself.

She won – she beat it. She has been healthy for over 2 years now. She was the most amazingly strong – powerful and strong – little human being I have ever met. Her parents devoted everything to getting her better. Her family and friends all pulled together. Letting that evil disease win was never an option. I saw the true power of human spirit, love and determination – and it worked!

Now if that’s not cause for a massive daily GET IN FIST PUMP – I don’t know what is!

Now let me tell you another story. One closer to the family. I have lost and my wife has lost some wonderful members of our closest families to this disease. Some tragically taken way before their time. My memories will never go – but yes , we lost them.

It is for our little powerful and strong fighter (her name is Shauna) and our loved ones that we have lost (and I am sure that you may have too) that I now ask for your help. Help Mark and I to create this legacy by supporting our campaign   “#Getin for the Cancer Society.


Take a look at our PledgeMe campaign. We are going to donate our time to help businesses whilst trying to raise $3500 for the Cancer Society so that others can, in future, take this thing on and beat it. We are also doing this to remember those who may have lost their fight – but who will never be lost from our memories.

Getin is all about winning. Success. Making a difference. Business is sometimes too infatuated with profit and loss and bottom line, forgetting that it’s all about people and relationships.

Please support our campaign and help us to help others achieve their own most powerful fist pumping moment by supporting the ‘#Getin for the Cancer Society‘ campaign today…and please please please share this blog and the link so we can raise as much as we can for this amazing cause.

“..Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean…”

Ryunosuke Satoro


At the Rice Pow Wow event on March 26th our special friend Kerry is going to stand up and share with the attendees the amazing feelings her family and her daughter have had, feelings of punching the air having beaten leukemia. I hope you can come along to hear her story and further support our campaign – Get in!





The first 24 hours of #Getin Ltd. Big up’s to #nzrec and #ozrec.


Welcome everyone to the amazing world of #Getin Ltd

What a day we had yesterday (2/3/15). We launched the business and then it all started to go a bit crazy…We set up our social channels and watched the numbers grow – and grow. IMG_3086IMG_3088

The response was overwhelming! We trended on twitter within a few hours and our phones bleeped, buzzed, vibrated and pinged.  Our good friend  Paul Jacobs asked us what the “fp” stood for in our twitter handle. Just to clarify to you all – it is “fp for fist pump!”  All in all a great first day.

There is more to come from us….we wanted to launch in a different way so watch this space for what we do next. We hope you enjoy it.

Launching a new business is a reason to punch the air! Let me tell you the story behind #Getin Ltd…..

You know that feeling, when you jump out of your seat, celebrate, fist pump, shout “Yesssss!”, “Come on!!!” or “Get in!”
Well thats the feeling we want everyone who works with us to experience. Business should be about those winning moments!



Mark Sumner and I have been helping employers and customers fist pump for donkeys years.


We are two passionate fist pumpers who find the how to help.  Some of the cool work we have been involved with has had lots of noise and heaps of success.


We implemented an augmented reality app for recruitment (believed to be a world first) when we worked together at ASB Bank.
I created my own personal branding campaign on twitter resulting in  a top 5 New Zealand trending spot!
Mark was named in the top 10 twitter users for our space – GLOBALLY.

And thats just in the past few months…

So if you are looking to find better, smarter, cheaper and faster ways for your business to attract Customers and Talent – give us a go!

You see Customers and people who want to work for you (Talent) should both love your brand. Since recruitment time began many innovative  recruiters have filled squillions of jobs by searching for the right person, right community or right channel and way to reach the right people.  Further to that, for the same since time began in recruitment years – candidates have been customers, purchasers and consumers of the same brands that have been trying to attract them.

Success in business should have more of those fist pumping moments – and boy do we want to share them with you.

So we have set up #Getin Ltd. We want to be different, fun and refreshing. No stale HR rubbish – no we can’t do this or couldn’t do that. We want to work with you to find the ways we CAN make a splash, noise and difference for your brand out there – be it attracting new talent or new customers.

#Getin will offer heaps of stuff. We have designed low cost and high impact products and services and already signed a few exclusive strategic partnerships with some pretty awesome companies.

If you want to know where you are at right now – you could try one of our “Discovery” sessions. If you want to find out how you can attract more customers to your brand using digital technologies and social media then make contact. Check out our new website for full details.

Give us a crack – you won’t regret it and you will have heaps of fun!

If you do – you’ll probably end up feeling like this – Get in!!!!


Pontin Sumner 010 web

 A typical day – Creative ideas free flowing in New Zealand’s best office space…