#hiremattpontin – Chumbawamba & the rocket ride to starting a new business

Well what a few months I have experienced! From a promotion at work, a lovely bonus pay check and pay rise and then – I was given notice that my position was made redundant!! All of this after I had just been rated “exceptional achiever” in the top 5% of performers at my place of work….


After head scratching, soul searching and overall life contemplation – I decided that I needed to take action.

So I launched my own brand into the market with a social media campaign. I tweeted to the newly created hash tag (thanks Troy Hammond!) #hiremattpontin. I created a micro-site and I even decided to promote myself on Trademe (and got over 1600 views!!) It didn’t stop there, I attempted to “crowd source” interest in my brand but was unfortunately turned down, all be it in a very gentle way, by www.pledgeme.co.nz.

So the campaign began. And it exploded! That one afternoon is one that will never cease to amaze me. Twitter was awash with activity surrounding my campaign. The amazing, collaborative #nzrec and #nzlead community took to my campaign with more support that I could have ever imagined. The fantastic, fabulous and at times flabbergasting Paul Jacobs even designed a brand new product for me for my campaign – a TalentGram.


Linkedin was also leveraged and I could not believe the amount of hits little old Matt’s profile was getting! In fact my profile views climbed by a massive 1,978% during the campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.21.52 pm

a little spike in views!!

Then something amazing happened. Well a few things actually. My campaign on twitter began to trend. Trend it did. In fact it was at one stage 4th across NZ and in the run up to the general election – trending above two of the political parties. I was even trending above one of NZ’s most loved brands Air New Zealand!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.23.42 pm  Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.39.30 pmScreen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.39.57 pmScreen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.40.46 pm

it all went a bit crazy on the twitters!  

Next up came the responses – My LinkedIn InMail box exploded, my own twitter dm feed, my own email, my poor little iPhone that had to be left on permanent charge from texts, emails, phone calls and every other possible notification you can imagine.


I had instant responses – from all around the world. I had offers of consulting work in Asia, offers of employment and consulting work in the UK, questions about relocating to Australia and the USA. I was over whelmed by the reaction out there. From my campaign I set up over 30 appointments, from coffee chats to formal interviews. From my campaign it got to the stage where I was even considering finding someone to help me manage the responses!

So – I stopped, sat back and thought – it is now time to convert. I don’t have any more need let alone time to continue promoting. It is out there now. Lets see where this lands……..

Many people commented that this was brave, Jonathan Rice wrote a lovely blog about the “experiment” and many tweets eluded support for my personification of walking the talk.

I was so lucky to meet with and interview with some awesome companies. I even took the show Trans-Tasman and attended interviews in Sydney and Melbourne. I have to say – there are some great businesses out there, businesses that have some fantastic opportunities to work with some fantastic people.

Things got to the rubber hits the road stage, and job offers started to land. Wow this was so exciting. I was so privileged and lucky to be given many opportunities to consider. One was even an amazing Global General Manager role. A pretty amazing job!


But I realised after all of this – I didn’t want a job! Throughout this experience I became more and more excited about falling back in love with what I do. I also began to pick apart what it actually was that I did and more importantly why I did it. I came to this conclusion:

What I do changes people lives.
They can commence exciting career journeys, they can achieve their goals, promotions and dreams.
What I do also fundamentally results in businesses being successful.
What I love to do  – results in business and individuals innovating and growing
with technology, social media and continuous process improvements to disrupt the current state and find a better way to become more profitable.

So in essence I am taking about Transformations. Business Transformation. People Transformation. Technology Transformation. 

My campaign has only just begun in essence – though the #hiremattpontin won’t result in me accepting offers of employment for permanent work – it has inspired me to offer my passion, thoughts, experience and credibility to consult to businesses.

So here’s the news – I have started a new company:

Introducing to the world – Business Transformation People !!!!

BTP logo Nov 14

Massive thanks to all of the kind, supportive and caring people who supported my #hiremattpontin campaign. Massive respect and thanks to the amazing employers who offered me some fantastic opportunities. Massive thanks to my Wife who believes in me and has supported my next leap of faith with BTP!

Transformation takes guts. I will continue to walk the talk and give it my best shot!. I will end with the famous words of Chumawamba. “….. I get knocked down – but I’ll get back up again, and you aint never gonna keep me down….”


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