Careers – are just like painting a fence….

I painted the fence over the weekend. Took me bloody ages and I got sunburnt in the process.

Whilst I was busy brush stroking away, it got me thinking that what I was doing –  was just like what we all do – or should do, when it comes to career management.


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 6.09.17 PM

I know I sound bonkers, but this is how I came up with this artistic analogy…

When you paint a fence – firstly you have got to be in the mood. There are lots of other things to do other than spend hours on end moving your hand left and right, up and down and getting paint splattered all over your face. You have to be up for it, ready and motivated.

When you paint a fence you have got to have a strategy. You have got to decide how you will approach the task. Will I do little circles, will I start at the top, will I do the edges first then splatter the middle bit like a game of paintball etc. You’ve got to plan it.

When you paint a fence you have got to learn as you go – the easiest and fastest way of getting it done. It may be that you do the posts first – as they suck up all of your paint faster, or that you do the tricky bits up front so at least you get them out of the way. You’ve got to be agile.

When you paint a fence you need to take a break. You need liquid hydration (especially in the sunshine). You also need to step back and inspect it and make sure you haven’t missed a bit or generally review it and fold you arms whilst being proud of your Michelangelo-like master piece. You’ve got to reflect.

When you paint a fence – you need to get some instructions from your boss (my Wife in this case) on colour and you also need to get an expectation on budget. You’ve got to get clarity.

So how does all this relate to Career Management?

Motivation. You have got to have a passion and love for what you do, otherwise, don’t bother doing it!
Strategy. Will my current role lead to another? How will I gain the right experience for my future? Where can I add value? What might I do next? You need a plan.
Agility. You have to be willing to, no more than that, you have to want to learn more. How can you develop yourself by learning from others? How can you expose yourself to new skills, tasks and challenges.
Reflection. You sometimes need to get off the hamster wheel and either take a break or take a look at where you are headed. Don’t get comfortable because in this world what is a career anyway? Or should I say, where are the old “jobs for life” that our grandparents did?GONE – thats where.
Review. You also need to take stock of what you have achieved. Where has it got you? What have you enjoyed the most and where have you added the most value to employers or customers?
Clarity. You need to get direction/advice/clarity what ever it is that you need to get on the right track.Talk to recruiters,networks, friends and family – they will often help to guide you to the right career decisions.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 6.11.53 PM
Finally, make sure you do a good job or the wife will not let you have a nice cold beer without telling you off because “You’ve missed a bit…”

Disclaimer – this is not a picture of my Wife and she has a bigger rolling pin.








I can make a difference! The power of purpose and my next new & exciting challenge ahead. #wepromisetocare


There is nothing more powerful than purpose. You know we all do this work thing, we all need to earn to live and we all (mostly) have heaps of ambition to achieve the best we can in our careers.

I have been really lucky in that for the past year I have been running my own show, working for myself and consulting to some really awesome companies. Well now thats all about to change!

I have loved consulting, but it lacks many aspects for me. It lacks the true sense of team. You do the work, you invoice – you move on. It lacks for me a sense of development. You do the work (mostly work you have done somewhere else), you invoice – you move on. It lacks for me an overall sense of long term purpose.

One of my amazing customers I did some work with rekindled my sense of purpose. They excited me and installed in me a huge “Why” would I want to stick around with them – long term. This Company is called The Ultimate Care Group.

The Ultimate Care Group provides Aged Care and Residential support across New Zealand. I met some inspirational employees during my consulting time with them. Their sense of purpose was so powerful, far beyond any I have seen before. They make an enormous difference every day to the lives of their residents and the elderly that they care for. In this business, work becomes an occupation that enters into “customers” homes. How much more up close and personal can you get than that?

But perhaps another real drive for me is the fact that this job, and working with the elderly, is a privilege. Working with people at the twilight of their lives is a real honour. I feel proud to be joining a business and a team of committed people who will be doing everything they can to deliver exceptional care to all of our residents.

So folks, I am really excited and really honoured to be taking up the role of National HR Manager with Ultimate Care NZ. This is going to be an amazing step for me. One where I can help the rest of the UCG team to make a huge difference! Its also a nice step aside from the singular focus on recruiting that my career has been predominantly focussed upon to date. It will be great to practice the full suite of HR skills on a daily basis to help UCG staff and managers be the best that they can be.

So there’s my purpose – I can and will make a huge difference. Already that has got me bouncing out of bed every morning! I am super excited.

I have loved working in the consulting world and want to make a massive shout out to my former business partner and buddy Mark Sumner. Its been a blast working on projects with you! Also thanks to each and everyone of my customers who gave me a go the past 12 months. One really amazing company I want to specifically call out is National Personnel – such an awesome, entrepreneurial and innovative outfit! If you don’t know them, you should – check them out!

We can all make a huge difference in the people game – we all have a huge purpose and part to play. I am chomping at the bit to start my next career journey! I just hope you have the same sense of purpose with what you are doing…

UCG_ cover photo

The Ultimate Care Group has got a tag line that absolutely sums up what the organisation is all about


Care about your career and care about how you can make a difference!

And, of course, Go Wales #RWC2015…

It’s a privilege to be a purveyor of people – #recruitment is an honour.

Recently I have been lucky enough to speak at a number of conferences and events. I have fallen into the habit of starting most of these with an intro surrounding my own strong opinion that recruiters, (and all people who work in the people business), should be proud and honoured to do what we do.

Recruiters, Human Resource professionals, Talent Management practitioners and good leaders have something in common. They can all change lives.


Think about it – there are only a few huge life changing things that you can usually point a stick at – like marriage, child birth, moving house or moving jobs/career.

What we do can and does help to shape the lives of others.
We can shape careers.
We can influence career decisions.
We can help people to take a leap of faith and embark upon sometimes and often at first uncomfortable new directions.
We can change their whole lives.

I am sure that everyone who has worked in recruitment or HR will have stories of how they have helped someone. Stories of how they have impacted on the decision making of others and hence played a part in shaping their lives in this way.

Well here’s one of my favourite stories like this for you.


One day last year (2014) I was walking over the bridge on the way to Wynyard Quarter in town when a guy jogging stopped to say hello. We shook hands and he thanked me for all that I had done to help him with his career from when we had first met about 8 years previously.

Some time ago, in 2006, I was lucky enough to be involved with a group of college students when I was National Recruitment Manager for Fulton Hogan. I had devised a project which connected employers to college students to encourage them to experience Civil Engineering whilst still in the classroom.The project was called “Project Aspiring“, (named by the students themselves). A group of students were selected from the school and given the opportunity to experience and work on a real life engineering project, backed up by Fulton Hogan professional engineers and managers. We provided the budget, the expertise such as Project Managers, Health & safety and environmental managers – and they would deliver the project. All that we asked was that they built something for the community that created a bit of a legacy.


During the project, we were talent spotting and able to award pre-tertiary scholarships. This could then open the door for these college students to go all the way onto university to study civil engineering.

Now there was one student on the very first Project Aspiring (there were more projects that followed). His name was Ryan Orr. When I first met Ryan he was a shy student – probably by his own admission not 100% sure about his future career pathway or direction. Well on this project Ryan was superb.

So much so that he ended up going on to study a degree in Civil Engineering supported by Fulton Hogan. During his tertiary studies he worked over many a holiday period with the business. Upon graduation he even entered into the Fulton Hogan graduate rotation programme “Project New Grad“.

That day I bumped into Ryan I will never forget. Ryan now has an awesome job as a project manager working on the rebuild in Christchurch. Ryan is now a confident, professional and capable engineer with a huge career ahead of him.

So I guess I am proud that I played a little part in helping him get to where he is now. And its that pride in being a purveyor of people that has become a huge personal privilege over my 20 years + in this industry.

So, remember that what we do changes lives. Remember how privileged you are and how much influence and impact you can have on the people you help.

Enjoy every second of it and give it your all! Get in!

Matt Pontin is an experienced Talent attraction specialist. Matt has created and implemented numerous workforce development projects to attract talent and create future talent pipelines for businesses. From graduate programmes to working with schools and colleges, contact if your business needs help identifying the talent required to enable your future business success. See for more details.

GETIN RECRUITMENT GETIN CONSULTINGScreen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.58.19 am

Being in “control” #changemanagement from an employees point of view



I have spent the last few months on a major national change project. It has been at times tough and at other times hugely rewarding.

The real impact of business change on people can be both joyful with new and fresh opportunities and painful with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

But, all in all the past few months has taught me something very consistent when it comes to change. CONTROL is critical.

Being in control and making choices is the usual way we plod about our careers and working lives. If a great opportunity comes up at work, we can throw out hat into the ring and give it a shot. If during our performance reviews with our managers we signify that we are ready for more – we can work on a plan to get there. Even –  if we have had enough of where we are at or if we see a juicy exciting new opportunity elsewhere – we can apply and give it a go.

All of the above relates to our control of the situation and the choices we can and often make.

Now when a business implements change this control is taken away from employees. It is firmly in the hands of our employer. It is governed by process, by consultation, decision, meetings, change decks and packs, presentations and q’s and a’s. We become part of the choices made by the business and not always by us.

Sure, there is a positive. In many circumstances new opportunities result from a business change. In these circumstances we can and should make some new decisions and choices.

I guess what I have learnt when bringing people through change is that we must appreciate that the lack of choice or the speed with which choices need to be made can really shake people to their core.


At the ugly end, the outplacement end, control can and does return. I have witnessed the relief on faces when people know where they are at and have a sense of what they will do next. That control starts to ooze back. Even if at the start it is the small simple choices like what will my new CV look like or who would I like to target as my next employer. These may be little incremental steps but at least they are the choices of the individual.

Now I am not and never would knock business change. All I am saying is that to really coach, guide, support and help folk along their change journey – just remember that it may be for some, the first time they have not been in control of their career.

I have seen some amazing leaders help their people.  I have seen some amazing employees build resilience. I have seen the eyes light back up again when control is reestablished.


The nicest most rewarding things I have experienced these past few months involve the end of the change curve when people make a choice, move on and start something new. To help people through that is very humbling.

In the modern world we all need to embrace change and embrace ambiguity. But lets not forget that, for most of us, we do like to make our own choices.

So here’s my summary and ten cents worth:

Good Change Management is about helping people come back to the place where they can and do make choices for themselves.

Good Change Management is good for the business and more often than not for the individual too.

Change is exciting, but for most scary.

Never underestimate the sharp end – it makes us all better leaders and better people when we spend the time to coach, guide and support people through change.

Change is inevitable. Control is comfortable. Together the two can often collide.


#Getin for the Cancer Society – support our campaign

CSNZ_MAORI_LOGO_RGB Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.34.16 pm

Here’s some exciting news to share. When Mark Sumner and I launched #Getin Ltd, we wanted to do things very differently. We wanted to create a successful and fun business – but more importantly we wanted to create a legacy.

A legacy in terms of being innovative, different, and having a go at what we do – trying what others wouldn’t  – to enable great outcomes for our customers. Yep that’s one legacy we want.

But we also wanted to start as we mean to go on and use the power of social media, digital and the business eco-system and community to help others.



So I came up with the #Getin for The Cancer Society campaign.

Many of us (me included) have had families and friends impacted by this hideous disease. It it unfortunately so common that it has touched the hearts of us all in some way shape or form. Let me tell you a little story…


When my son was born we did what many new parents do. We met some awesome new friends through ante-natal groups. These are friends that we now regard as lifelong buddies and friends who we have shared watching our kids grow up with.

One couple, one set of very close friends, have a daughter. She is a beautiful cheerful little girl. Full of cheekiness and fun and a really good little buddy to my two rug rats, born within days of my son.

One fateful day, when the family had just come back from a holiday to Europe, this beautiful little girl, her family and everyone who knows her had their lives changed for ever. She was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Now I am not going to tell you all the bad stuff. I am not going to rejuvenate memories of the horrendous struggle that amazing little girl and family went through. Rather I want to share with you the outcome. And this is where our campaign links so strongly with our fist pumping #Getin brand itself.

She won – she beat it. She has been healthy for over 2 years now. She was the most amazingly strong – powerful and strong – little human being I have ever met. Her parents devoted everything to getting her better. Her family and friends all pulled together. Letting that evil disease win was never an option. I saw the true power of human spirit, love and determination – and it worked!

Now if that’s not cause for a massive daily GET IN FIST PUMP – I don’t know what is!

Now let me tell you another story. One closer to the family. I have lost and my wife has lost some wonderful members of our closest families to this disease. Some tragically taken way before their time. My memories will never go – but yes , we lost them.

It is for our little powerful and strong fighter (her name is Shauna) and our loved ones that we have lost (and I am sure that you may have too) that I now ask for your help. Help Mark and I to create this legacy by supporting our campaign   “#Getin for the Cancer Society.


Take a look at our PledgeMe campaign. We are going to donate our time to help businesses whilst trying to raise $3500 for the Cancer Society so that others can, in future, take this thing on and beat it. We are also doing this to remember those who may have lost their fight – but who will never be lost from our memories.

Getin is all about winning. Success. Making a difference. Business is sometimes too infatuated with profit and loss and bottom line, forgetting that it’s all about people and relationships.

Please support our campaign and help us to help others achieve their own most powerful fist pumping moment by supporting the ‘#Getin for the Cancer Society‘ campaign today…and please please please share this blog and the link so we can raise as much as we can for this amazing cause.

“..Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean…”

Ryunosuke Satoro


At the Rice Pow Wow event on March 26th our special friend Kerry is going to stand up and share with the attendees the amazing feelings her family and her daughter have had, feelings of punching the air having beaten leukemia. I hope you can come along to hear her story and further support our campaign – Get in!




The first 24 hours of #Getin Ltd. Big up’s to #nzrec and #ozrec.


Welcome everyone to the amazing world of #Getin Ltd

What a day we had yesterday (2/3/15). We launched the business and then it all started to go a bit crazy…We set up our social channels and watched the numbers grow – and grow. IMG_3086IMG_3088

The response was overwhelming! We trended on twitter within a few hours and our phones bleeped, buzzed, vibrated and pinged.  Our good friend  Paul Jacobs asked us what the “fp” stood for in our twitter handle. Just to clarify to you all – it is “fp for fist pump!”  All in all a great first day.

There is more to come from us….we wanted to launch in a different way so watch this space for what we do next. We hope you enjoy it.

Launching a new business is a reason to punch the air! Let me tell you the story behind #Getin Ltd…..

You know that feeling, when you jump out of your seat, celebrate, fist pump, shout “Yesssss!”, “Come on!!!” or “Get in!”
Well thats the feeling we want everyone who works with us to experience. Business should be about those winning moments!



Mark Sumner and I have been helping employers and customers fist pump for donkeys years.


We are two passionate fist pumpers who find the how to help.  Some of the cool work we have been involved with has had lots of noise and heaps of success.


We implemented an augmented reality app for recruitment (believed to be a world first) when we worked together at ASB Bank.
I created my own personal branding campaign on twitter resulting in  a top 5 New Zealand trending spot!
Mark was named in the top 10 twitter users for our space – GLOBALLY.

And thats just in the past few months…

So if you are looking to find better, smarter, cheaper and faster ways for your business to attract Customers and Talent – give us a go!

You see Customers and people who want to work for you (Talent) should both love your brand. Since recruitment time began many innovative  recruiters have filled squillions of jobs by searching for the right person, right community or right channel and way to reach the right people.  Further to that, for the same since time began in recruitment years – candidates have been customers, purchasers and consumers of the same brands that have been trying to attract them.

Success in business should have more of those fist pumping moments – and boy do we want to share them with you.

So we have set up #Getin Ltd. We want to be different, fun and refreshing. No stale HR rubbish – no we can’t do this or couldn’t do that. We want to work with you to find the ways we CAN make a splash, noise and difference for your brand out there – be it attracting new talent or new customers.

#Getin will offer heaps of stuff. We have designed low cost and high impact products and services and already signed a few exclusive strategic partnerships with some pretty awesome companies.

If you want to know where you are at right now – you could try one of our “Discovery” sessions. If you want to find out how you can attract more customers to your brand using digital technologies and social media then make contact. Check out our new website for full details.

Give us a crack – you won’t regret it and you will have heaps of fun!

If you do – you’ll probably end up feeling like this – Get in!!!!


Pontin Sumner 010 web

 A typical day – Creative ideas free flowing in New Zealand’s best office space…

Customers and fist pumping moments!

Well what a rocket ride my new business has been since I started out in November last year. I can honestly say I have loved every single minute of it. I am so lucky to have some amazing customers and to be involved with some really exciting work.

You know when you have had the best day ever at work, when you are driving home and reflecting on the day and fist pumping in the air. “Yes!” “Get in!” “Come on!” That type of in-car moment and  motivational chat with yourself. There have been so many of those that I may have been observed by my fellow Auckland motorists as a bit of a crazy man…but who cares – Get In!

"Get in!!!!"
“Get in!!!!”

So whats the biggest lesson learnt so far?
Customers are awesome – working with people on problems towards an agreed success goal is what it’s all about.

When I was an employee – sure this was the goal, but ever so often I used to get stuck in that wheel of why things couldn’t be done and faced with the barriers of the cant’s as opposed to those who wanted to find the how it could be done. I guess what I am saying is that we should never lose those fist pumping moments – even if we get bogged down with operational bureaucracy or barrier mentalities. Keep the faith and punch the air….

After all that what we all love about what we do isn’t it?


Don't keep calm - get excited!!!
Don’t keep calm – get excited!!!


#hiremattpontin – Chumbawamba & the rocket ride to starting a new business

Well what a few months I have experienced! From a promotion at work, a lovely bonus pay check and pay rise and then – I was given notice that my position was made redundant!! All of this after I had just been rated “exceptional achiever” in the top 5% of performers at my place of work….


After head scratching, soul searching and overall life contemplation – I decided that I needed to take action.

So I launched my own brand into the market with a social media campaign. I tweeted to the newly created hash tag (thanks Troy Hammond!) #hiremattpontin. I created a micro-site and I even decided to promote myself on Trademe (and got over 1600 views!!) It didn’t stop there, I attempted to “crowd source” interest in my brand but was unfortunately turned down, all be it in a very gentle way, by

So the campaign began. And it exploded! That one afternoon is one that will never cease to amaze me. Twitter was awash with activity surrounding my campaign. The amazing, collaborative #nzrec and #nzlead community took to my campaign with more support that I could have ever imagined. The fantastic, fabulous and at times flabbergasting Paul Jacobs even designed a brand new product for me for my campaign – a TalentGram.


Linkedin was also leveraged and I could not believe the amount of hits little old Matt’s profile was getting! In fact my profile views climbed by a massive 1,978% during the campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.21.52 pm

a little spike in views!!

Then something amazing happened. Well a few things actually. My campaign on twitter began to trend. Trend it did. In fact it was at one stage 4th across NZ and in the run up to the general election – trending above two of the political parties. I was even trending above one of NZ’s most loved brands Air New Zealand!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.23.42 pm  Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.39.30 pmScreen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.39.57 pmScreen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.40.46 pm

it all went a bit crazy on the twitters!  

Next up came the responses – My LinkedIn InMail box exploded, my own twitter dm feed, my own email, my poor little iPhone that had to be left on permanent charge from texts, emails, phone calls and every other possible notification you can imagine.


I had instant responses – from all around the world. I had offers of consulting work in Asia, offers of employment and consulting work in the UK, questions about relocating to Australia and the USA. I was over whelmed by the reaction out there. From my campaign I set up over 30 appointments, from coffee chats to formal interviews. From my campaign it got to the stage where I was even considering finding someone to help me manage the responses!

So – I stopped, sat back and thought – it is now time to convert. I don’t have any more need let alone time to continue promoting. It is out there now. Lets see where this lands……..

Many people commented that this was brave, Jonathan Rice wrote a lovely blog about the “experiment” and many tweets eluded support for my personification of walking the talk.

I was so lucky to meet with and interview with some awesome companies. I even took the show Trans-Tasman and attended interviews in Sydney and Melbourne. I have to say – there are some great businesses out there, businesses that have some fantastic opportunities to work with some fantastic people.

Things got to the rubber hits the road stage, and job offers started to land. Wow this was so exciting. I was so privileged and lucky to be given many opportunities to consider. One was even an amazing Global General Manager role. A pretty amazing job!


But I realised after all of this – I didn’t want a job! Throughout this experience I became more and more excited about falling back in love with what I do. I also began to pick apart what it actually was that I did and more importantly why I did it. I came to this conclusion:

What I do changes people lives.
They can commence exciting career journeys, they can achieve their goals, promotions and dreams.
What I do also fundamentally results in businesses being successful.
What I love to do  – results in business and individuals innovating and growing
with technology, social media and continuous process improvements to disrupt the current state and find a better way to become more profitable.

So in essence I am taking about Transformations. Business Transformation. People Transformation. Technology Transformation. 

My campaign has only just begun in essence – though the #hiremattpontin won’t result in me accepting offers of employment for permanent work – it has inspired me to offer my passion, thoughts, experience and credibility to consult to businesses.

So here’s the news – I have started a new company:

Introducing to the world – Business Transformation People !!!!

BTP logo Nov 14

Massive thanks to all of the kind, supportive and caring people who supported my #hiremattpontin campaign. Massive respect and thanks to the amazing employers who offered me some fantastic opportunities. Massive thanks to my Wife who believes in me and has supported my next leap of faith with BTP!

Transformation takes guts. I will continue to walk the talk and give it my best shot!. I will end with the famous words of Chumawamba. “….. I get knocked down – but I’ll get back up again, and you aint never gonna keep me down….”

The #internetofthings – what are the opportunities for talent professionals?


The Internet of things (IOT) is one of the hottest topics on the web right now. As we head towards the next revolution in connectivity – wearable devices, what does this mean for recruiters? How can we, if at all leverage the reach of engaging with Talent via the plethora of connected devices and objects they will be using in future? So what is the IOT? Watch this nice short video that explains it all here.

Some people might think I am a bit crazy suggesting that recruiters will be able to tap into the future conduits of connectivity that the internet of things could possibly lead to. It might be a bit far-fetched to expect a future state of job seekers to reach for the orange juice in their WiFi enabled fridge, then be pinged a message about the latest career opportunities on offer at your company. It probably wont be in your future sourcing strategy to ensure that your robot vacuum cleaner alerts the user to your latest recruiting campaign. But, but, it will be something that you could do.

robot vacuum

Lets go back a few steps and focus on reality….it wasn’t that long ago that social media became an accepted form of your talent attraction and engagement strategy (or at least it should be and if you aren’t doing this – catch a wake-up call and fast!). It wasn’t really that long ago that  mobile recruiting became a not “should we” – but “when we” strategy. So I guess what I am saying is that as technology continues to evolve it further continues to provide more opportunity to think about what might be possible.

Gartner Research estimates that there will be by 2020 some 26 billion connected devices – which is 3 times the number of current smartphones, tablets and PC’s currently being used every day. So with this huge development marketers are already talking about what they could do to leverage the IOT. In the Article ” Four ways the internet of things will change marketing teams” Mhairi McEwan suggested that: “….It’s an incredible opportunity, but, as marketers, we will have to enhance our skills and ways of working to operate in this brave new world…”. Perhaps we as Talent professionals also need to enhance our skills and show some leap of faith bravery.

As I have previously blogged – Talent Professionals need to learn from marketers – marketers are already thinking through how the IOT could present opportunities to build brand engagement with customers. So why wouldn’t Talent Marketers?



Think smart watches. I personally wear a Pebble and it has changed the whole way I deal with notifications and alerts. I feel the buzz and then take a look on my wrist before I reach for my smart phone. I choose small condensed messages to make a call on whether or not I want to find out more. This is the smallest of windows of opportunity for those notifications to call me to action.

So, what could this all mean and how could we leverage the IOT as Talent professionals?

(1) We need to think long and hard about short, succinct and impact messages. Soon, they may be filtered by our target audiences on their wearable devices.

(2) We need to keep focused on community and consumer association when engaging with talent. Where people hang out, what their interests are, what they buy and where they buy it can help us to target appropriate messages to appropriate audiences still – but maybe in the near future in a little bit more of an up close and personal way.

(3) We need to continue to innovate and disrupt our thinking and doing. What we have done yesterday may not be what we need to do tomorrow.

So, whilst I am not suggesting that we start doing deals with Samsung to have targeted messages pop out of ovens and fridge freezers – I am suggesting that we shouldn’t dismiss the thinking that we may be able to leverage the cornucopia of connectivity that the IOT will offer everybody everyday in the very near future.  #leadnotfollow


“Facts tell – but Stories sell”. Content Marketing & Storytelling in a digital recruitment age.


Last week I was invited across to Sydney to present to the Common Wealth Bank of Australia Talent Acquisition team. I have to say I spent the day with some of the most capable, passionate and knowledgeable recruiters I have met (excluding of course my own world class team at ASB here in New Zealand). The off site was led superbly by James Elliott, and the team spent the day preparing for whats next and “around the corner” for recruitment.

Now the exciting thing about the time I spent with CommBank was the superb thinking and work already underway in the content marketing space. In particular, their CAN campaign, (beautifully illustrated in this video hyperlinked) tells their social story and about their relationship with as an enabler distribution channel.  Furthermore, and in a recruiting context, take a look at this brilliant WOMEN CAN video which nicely intertwines their brand strategy into diversity and talent attraction.

cba CAN

This CAN campaign has a powerful authentic story, its real. Real people and who they are. I applaud the CommBank team for this work and am excited to see what they do with this next.

So where am I going with this? Back to my gambit that facts tell, but stories sell. Stories and authenticity are what we all remember and connect with the most. There are so many “employment brand” strategies that disconnect with corporate brand strategies. They can sometimes confuse the punter – the job seeker. This clever content marketing strategy – using the CAN campaign across a variety of distribution channels – really excites me.

Why am I so excited? Well this is it. Content Marketing and storytelling is an essential strategy for the modern Talent Acquisition professional. In our world, smart recruiters are expert engagers. They are Talent Poolers, Talent community curators and Talent tantalizers; offering a taste of excitement to candidates with carrot dangling new career opportunities. A really effective way to do this is via a multi-distribution channel content marketing strategy.

So what exactly is “Content Marketing”? Whilst trailing through twitter  the other day I came across an article in a tweet that perfectly summed it up:-

“…Content Marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviours…content marketing is the art of communicating without selling…”

This article showcases some really good examples of content marketing campaigns from last year. Have a read. Just love the #lookup British Airways campaign.

If you want to be really entertained, how about a look at this latest Football (no not soccer) mobile game that a fast food chain in Brazil has rolled out across their restaurants.


How cool is this? You can munch on a lump of cholesterol whilst scoring a goal with your pinky. Love it!

So here is my call to action for all recruiters out there. Get on the Content Marketing journey – fast. Start using a variety of channels and social platforms to tell stories and to get up close and personal with job seekers. Learn from what great marketers do across all industries and step outside of the shackles of HR, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and see the bigger world!

If you can do this, if you can create engaging consistent and authentic content – you will be able to tell some compelling stories.  Facts may tell, but Stories sell.

fact tell stories sell